Current Series

Manifest His Glory

In this sermon series we unpack the book of Ephesians and see how, through the Apostle Paul, God speaks into our daily lives and culture today. We will see how God has called all believers to 'manifest' or put on display for the world to see, His glory.


'Dwell comes from Ps. 133:1, "Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!" It then continues by comparing this unity with oil being poured on the head of the chief priest, Aaron, durning the Passover (Ex 29:7) where he would have been wearing a breastplate embroidered with twelve stones representing the tribes of Israel.

This is a unique picture of leadership, the congregation of the righteous, and the Heavenly Father dwelling together in unity. We invite you to join us at Embassy Suites or on our YouTube stream as we worship together Sunday's at 10am!