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1 Chronicles 16:24
"Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples."



Local & Global Opportunities

Aspire Movement

The Aspire Movement is a faith-based mentoring movement that pairs at-risk youth with godly mentors starting in the 4th grade and continuing until the student graduates high school. What started in one school with 13 mentors has grown into over 20 schools with 200 plus mentor/student matches!

Mentoring looks different for everyone, but we ask mentors to see the children (i.e., their mentees) twice per month. During their time together, there is a variety of activities they can do; the main idea is to do life and spend time together. 

This year has been extremely tough on us as schools did not give us access, and many children did remote learning. We are seeking to re-establish our presence at our school partners this year and get things back on track.

  • Pray for our ministry as we seek to re-establish our partnerships in schools for both life on life mentoring and possibly small group mentoring.
  • Pray for wisdom for board and staff, as well as wisdom and discernment for mentors to begin re-engaging their students.
  • Pray for our high school graduates as they transition out of high school and begin the next chapter of their lives.
  • Pray that God would provide creative ways for us to recruit both new mentors and students.
  • Pray that God would change our youth and empower them to see His purpose in their lives.

We are adding some additional enhancements to our mobile app, which allows mentors to log their activities, create a deeper community with one another, and push out valuable event and training information to all mentors. Specifically, we are seeking a project that allows our staff to see real-time mentor logs and creates a data source for us to compare and contrast information. Total project cost: $1500


Going for Aspire means becoming a mentor, either life on life or small group. Simply fill out an application and background check through our website, after which someone will contact you regarding training and placement.

Forgotten Children Ministries

FCM was founded in 1998 in the aftermath of hurricane Mitch, reducing Honduras to a third world country in chaos. In the calamity of mudslides and floods that killed over 7,000 people, one man's heart was broken over the footage of orphaned street kid's bodies being tossed into mass graves by a bulldozer.  Stan Nowell's vision to provide a shelter and a shade from the heat of the day and a refuge from the storm and the rain (Isaiah 4:6) for kids without family, homes, or hope was birthed by God. Since that time, FCM has been the home and hope for hundreds of young men and women who live at Grace Farm. While we have had many challenges to attack our mission, Covid -19 has been unique as it is preventing our short term teams from coming to minister to our girls, boys, church and the local community. Our 31 annual short term teams provide hands, feet, and heart of Jesus' ministry to the young ones we have in our care. Our teams disciple in the church we planted and also share Christ in the surrounding communities and even the city garbage dump that is home to many.


  • The loss of those teams has left a lot of time, love, and attention that orphan kids sorely need to feel acceptance. Our kids are used to having that, so please pray that while we are quarantined physically away from them, they would still draw near to God and feel His acceptance.
  • Pray for The Rhodes and Vanvactours, our young missionaries on the field, to continue to walk in God's faith and peace while being on lockdown in a 3rd world country with young kids.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to be at work in our ministry leaders to make disciples of Christ during such suffering.
  • Pray for mercy on the 500 families we minister to who live in abject poverty without power, water, and often hope. 


While COVID-19 prevents our mission teams from ministering to the families of Honduras, it will not stop our God. In following the lead that many of you have set by being the hands and feet of Christ, our college-age boys are ready to minister now and bring hope and food to the hungry. Your $25 donation will be used to buy rice and beans to feed one family that will be delivered "curbside" and to support our own Grace Farm boys and girls. One out of every five Hondurans live on $1.90 a day, and these families are the very ones we will provide for during this pandemic.


The Stubbs family leads two mission trips during the year to Honduras in July and during the Christmas season. They would love for you to be a part!

The Pickwick family in Central Asia

email Jared West: 

Ryan and Morgan are from Bonifay, FL, a small town north of Panama City Beach. They were married in January of 2016 and moved in July of the same year to begin seminary studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Since moving to Louisville, they have been active members at Ninth & O Baptist Church. Ryan and Morgan have also been blessed with their daughter, Audrey (2), and another baby on the way

Throughout their time in seminary, Ryan and Morgan have had a two fold prayer. First, they have prayed for the Lord to equip and train them for ministry. Second, they have prayed that the Lord would give clear direction on where and how they serve the Kingdom. They believe both of these prayers have been answered as Ryan finishes his seminary degree in May 2021, and they have been appointed as missionaries through Reaching & Teaching International Ministries (RTIM)

Coming from the Bible belt where cultural Christianity and unhealthy churches have become the norm, Ryan and Morgan have a passion for making mature disciples, establishing healthy churches, and training local leaders.


  • Pray for Ryan as he completes his last semester of seminary
  • Pray for joy and unity in our marriage as we continue this preparation phase.
  • Pray for a healthy arrival of our newest addition to the family in May.
  • Pray for us as we transition to a family of 4.


To financially support our ministry with Reaching & Teaching, please visit Thank you


Meet the Pickwicks Sunday, June 27th and hear more about next steps and how we can partner with them.

Jimmy Hale Mission

In the late 30s and early 40s Jimmie Hale was known as the town drunk, but he eventually gave his life
to Christ and began rewriting his story. Armed with a desire to share God’s life-changing love with
others and to help those walking where he had, Jimmie set out to create a place where homeless men
could find encouragement and hope.

Jimmie soon married Miss Jessie Davis, a school teacher from Moundville, Alabama, and the couple
founded the Mission on March 25, 1944. Lives weren’t the only thing the 39-year-old was hoping to
help reinvent as the first location was the same building where he had sold his last drink as a bartender.
Sadly, Jimmie passed away just eight months later due to health complications, leaving behind a 27-
year-old pregnant widow. Jessie refused to forfeit her commitment to the dream she and her husband
shared, however, and her resolve would prove to be the foundation on which the Mission would stand
for generations to come.

Jessie was an incredible woman of faith and dedication and ultimately kept the facility alive for more
than a decade on her own before God called Leo Shepura to the work. In 1954, the duo served the first
meal on Thanksgiving Day and began housing overnight guests. They would go on to lead one of the
city’s most impactful non-profit organizations for 36 years.

Tony Cooper was named executive director in 1990 and he helped expand the Mission’s influence and
outreach through the addition of numerous facilities and programs in his 29 years at the helm.
Royal Pines, a residential addiction recovery center for men opened in 1995 on 75 tranquil acres in
Hayden, Alabama. Just three years later, women and children facing homelessness and other
hardships began finding hope and empowerment at Jessie’s Place downtown.

After a three-year site expansion and renovation of the old Thomas School building, the men’s center
relocated from the corner on 24th Street North to the current campus in 2007. The new facility allows
the Mission to house more clients and includes a chapel and administration building.

The ribbon cutting for the first Mission Possible Bargain Center, a thrift store aimed at providing
financial support for the ever-growing ministry, took place in 2000. Nineteen years and five locations
later, the Mission transferred ownership of the stores to King’s Home, another local non-profit.
Discovery Clubs, after-class Bible programs for children in 30 Birmingham-area public elementary
schools, came into the fold in 2012.

In November of 2019, the board of directors selected Michael Coleman to lead the Mission into its
next chapter.



  • For more information on Jimmie Hale Mission, and the ways you can give, please visit their donate page.


  • Jimmie Hale has many ways you can serve! You can find out more on their website
  • On Saturday, June 26th, join us at Jimmie Hale Mission as we host a corn hole tournament, cookout,
    and worship service. Feel free to join us for all or part of the day at Jimmie Hale. If you would like to
    serve by providing a side dish or dessert, click here.
Other Opportunities


International Student Outreach: Churches across Birmingham have mobilized to ensure that (as much as we can) the students who have traveled from all around the world to study in our universities are matched with an American family who will welcome and intentionally spend time with them throughout their stay.

Refugee Resettlement: Refugees fleeing violence in their home countries have sought refuge in cities all across the US. We can help them through advocacy, assisting in job training/placement, learning English, and just by helping them integrate into a new life here. In many cases, these refugees are coming from contexts where they previously had no access to the gospel of Jesus. This is a very unique opportunity to serve the sojourner among us (Ex 22:21).

ESL: Do you speak English? Then you're qualified teach English as a Second Language to people from all over the world who have moved to Birmingham. This is a great opportunity to begin meaningful relationships with internationals in our city.

Tapestry Global: Hopefully in the near future, we will be sending short, mid, and long term teams around the world. To stay up-to-date with mission trips through Tapestry Global visit the webpage and follow us on social media @tapestryBHAM.


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