Who we work with.

Our Partners

Aspire Movement

Focuses on personal transformation in the areas of mental, spiritual, physical and social (Luke 2:52) development through Life on Life Mentoring, Small Group Mentoring, Summer Camps, College Trips, Career Development, Leadership Development, and a network of resources to shape students identity, purpose and destiny.


Reel Life International

Is a missions organization who mobilizes people and resources to share the love of Christ with those facing extreme physical and spiritual need. They works alongside the church to engage the people of God in the mission of God for the glory of God.


Cooperative Outreach of India

Actively pursuing underprivileged communities throughout North India. The serve their people through livelihood projects, bore wells, education centers, vocational training centers, health clinics, hospitals, television broadcasts, and other various community activities and festivals. All this in order to see these communities transformed with truth and love.