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Alonza Jones

Executive Leadership Team

    Alonza is President and co-founder of Biblical Marriage Institute (BMI). BMI partners with churches, schools, and like-minded individuals to help end family breakdown. They write and teach courses on marriage and relationships for teens and adults.

    Alonza holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Counseling. He is an ordained minister, adjunct seminary professor, Bible teacher, and author.

    Alonza and his wife Vanessa are the authors of Service for Two: Marriage Mentoring God’s Way and Five Roles of a Marriage Mentor. He has been a contributing author for Mark Shaw and Bill Hines and their book Paul the Counselor: Counseling and Disciple-Making by the Apostle. He is also a contributing devotion writer for The Upper Room Magazine that is read by millions around the world.

    Alonza has known Pastor Deric since around 1999. The vision that is now Tapestry has been a passion that he and Deric have shared for many years.